You may have noticed in the last post there was a hint of some of the new gear I've been testing out this winter. I am excited to share how impressed I was with the Simms RiverTek BOA wading boots.

 If you recall I utterly destroyed my old wet wading boots and was in dire need of a replacement before the cold season.  I was originally looking at getting the Simms Guide boot because of how durable and rugged it looked. After I researched a few options I stopped in at Tailwaters (and I'm sure glad I did). The guys there were a lot of help. Once I felt how heavy the Guide boot was compared to the RiverTek, I knew it was a boot I could wear for days. It was so light! I was a little concerned about the BOA lace system because honestly... it looks like a gimmick; which is why I didn't give them much of a second look the first time. After he explained the lifetime warranty, I decided to give them a try. After a week on the water here is my initial assessment:
  • The light-weight boots were comfortable all week during 9 hour days on my feet
  • The synthetic materials help them dry fast. 
  • The neoprene liners inside make them ideal to also wear as a summer boot summer with a light wading sock. 
  • The BOA laces make them easy to take off and adjust quickly.
  • Lastly, the Rubber Vibram soles are awesome. I was climbing over slick rocks and walking on logs all day. They hold tight. They are easy to clean so you don't transport invasive species like Didymo. They are compatible with the carbide StreamTread studs and cleats. As long as the majority of your fishing isn't done out of a boat. I would recommend using them, they worked great! Its a small investment that can save you a dangerous slip that could end up spilling your gear into the drink or worse yet spending the rest of your R&R in a hospital bed.

The only negative so far is the one reservation I had from the beginning. I like how low profile the lace system is, but if you have a breakdown on the river that warranty isn't going to save your fishing day. You can order a spare replacement kit and its fairly inexpensive, or pack some paracord in case you get in a pinch. So far I haven't had to do this, but in my opinion this seems to be the weakest link. Only time will tell. You can be sure I'll update this as I spend more time using them.

So far I love these boots. If you're looking for a new pair check out your local shop and try these on before you make up your mind. You might be just as surprised as I was.