The Teva Cherry Bomb is a high top water boot constructed of 4mm neoprene and SSR rubber soles. After wearing them two seasons and putting them through the gauntlet I'm ready to share my review.

I originally bought these boots for kayak fishing.  Over the last two years I've also tested them snorkeling in the ocean, hiking lava fields in Maui, and walking miles of free stone river beds fly fishing from Tennessee to Texas.

I was attracted to these boots because of the aggressive looking soles, cool style and digi-camo accents. They looked like they would protect my feet and hold tight to slick rocks. The high top neoprene keeps your feet warm in cool water and keeps gravel out. The straps make a comfortable fit and the sealed seams increase the durability at heavy wear points.

I was incredibly surprised that these boots didn't get totally destroyed on the lava in Maui, but they held up quite well. There were a few small pieces of the sole chewed up, but we're talking RAZOR sharp MAGMA! I was quite impressed at how well they protected my feet.

Walking on an aqueduct over a high river gorge in Maui.
As a kayaking boot the only major criticism I have is the lack of drainage. Since I live in the south, it was only a matter of time before I decided to take these guys wet wading. The first time I wore them fishing I noticed two issues. Although the boots protected my feet well, the traction was not up to par on the slick river rocks. Also, while fly fishing from a boulder the line got caught on the straps several times making casting a pain.

At the beginning of my last fishing trip I noticed that one of the rubber seams that connects the sole to the boot was beginning to crack at a flex point which was a little disappointing. I was happy with the use I got out of them considering the abuse I put them through. It wasn't until I got home that I saw the entire sole on the right boot must have completely come off the foot pad during my last day of wading. You can see in the picture below that there is a hard plastic insert that protects the sole, so I never felt a thing!

The final blow out... it was a good death!
I would recommend these boots for kayaking, wet wading on sandy and muddy bottoms, or protecting your feet at the beach or water park.

I would not recommend the Cherry Bombs for fly fishing and wet wading on slippery river rocks due to lack of traction, drainage and straps that snag.  

  • Toe and heel protection
  • Fit/Comfort
  • Warmth in cold water
  • Snug fit keeps gravel out
  • Lack of traction on slick rocks
  • Poor water drainage
  • Straps can catch and snag
Over all I would rate these boots a 7 and would buy them again if they were on sale.

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